Could this be YOUR calling? 

Sometimes in life there are things that grab our attention, and we can’t stop thinking about it! It keeps appearing in your news feed, or you keep seeing a word that reminds you of it, and you could almost swear this thing is following you. This is what happened to me with the Soulpreneurs course.  […]

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Photo Blog #1 – FREE SPIRITS

I have always loved taking photos and to be honest i believe i have quite a good eye for photography because of my hairdressing career.
I purchased my first ever digital, entry level professional camera last month. I am absolutely loving it and feel i can express my creative self in yet another avenue.
So here it is….my first Photo Blog instalment.

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Wash your what? Hair? Wash your hair! Have you ever really thought how silly this sounds? Now think about it. When mothers are teaching their children how to clean themselves they say; “wash your body.” They do not say, “wash the hair on your body.” Or another one, “wash your face.” Not, “wash the fine […]

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SWEAT – lethal or luscious?

Within the tropics region, each day is either hot or hotter! We continue day in, day out to sweat it out! So what affect does sweat have on our hair?   Sweat causes hair loss; I have read how sweat causes hair loss, which i might add has never been clinically proven. If this were […]

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Today, I was quite saddened to see one of my regular clients who had suffered excessive hair loss in a matter of 3 months. Annie had travelled interstate in early August for a wedding when the hair loss was at its worst. She went into the nearest hairdresser to her hotel and had her hair […]