Could this be YOUR calling? 

Could this be YOUR calling? 

Sometimes in life there are things that grab our attention, and we can’t stop thinking about it!

It keeps appearing in your news feed, or you keep seeing a word that reminds you of it, and you could almost swear this thing is following you.

This is what happened to me with the Soulpreneurs course. 

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I didn’t even recall following Soulpreneurs on social media, but i had and it was almost everyday I continued to see something about the course.

And thank goddess it did grab me in the way it did. I signed up to the course in its first round in 2016 at the 11th hour, and it has transformed my life not just professionally, but personally.

The Soulpreneur course delivered to me inner peace, purpose, prosperity and learning to create for my purpose and for my tribe.

It has given me clarity through the business noise, and has shown me how to run my business from my soul. It is just so important that behind your business idea, you learn to light the fire of passion so you can shine bright to your people! And Soulpreneurs can help ignite that in YOU!

The first time i stepped up and spoke at our Soulpreneur graduation, being supported by Yvette Luciano.

It’s not just the course itself that has transformed me, but all the extra bonuses as well.  Including the support and friendships I have found in our Soulpreneur commUnity through our Facebook Group and mastermind meet ups. Our LIVE calls and even Soul Club Live which delves into our personal spiritual practices.

(are you ready to find out how you can also be a part of this?) 

Soulpreneurs course will be closing on December 1st. This is your last chance to begin your transformation and begin to rise into your life’s purpose.

The Soulpreneurs course is self paced, has an amazing Facebook community of likeminded souls, has ahhhhmazing guest teachers such as
+ Gabrielle Bernstein
+ Gala Darling
+ Dr Libby
+ James Colquhoun – Food Matters TV
+ Nat Kringoudis
+ Michael Maidens (digital launcher of Hay House, Food Matters, Pete Evens)
+ the Merry Maker Sisters
And there is tonnes more….

The course is only $997 (+GST) but they are offering 4 part payments of $249 (+GST)

This is an amazing opportunity as you get lifetime access to the content plus updated guest teacher videos and podcasts, plus in person mastermind meet ups. As I said it is self paced with 7 modules focussed on living your true purpose through your soul based business.

Soulpreneurs intake is OPEN NOW and I have a very special gift for you if you sign up through my affiliate link.

I will be offering a bonus of not one but two x 45min MANE PRIDE GUIDANCE SESSIONS – (valued at $345)

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A Mane Pride Guidance Session is your total hair care coaching call over Skype or if you live in Darwin, N.T. in person with me. We will cover topics and concerns such as;

+ your current hair care regime

+ how you can improve your daily hair care regime

+ learn some tools to manage the hair you were gifted

+ how your hair could be holding you back from being your true beautiful self

+ learn how to make hair care into a self care ritual

+ understand the effects of toxic ingredients in your hair care and how to look out for them

This is a bonus I am so thrilled to offer you, as you will be receiving this before I launch the MANE PRIDE GUIDANCE SESSIONS to my commUnity. (Spots for these sessions will be very limited)


So, what are you waiting for? 



And the other HUGE bonus!

If you sign up to this course by December 1st (closing date of the course as we know it!) you will be gifted a FREE ticket to the International Soulpreneur Conference on February  17th-18th 2018 being held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

You can join our tribe of Soulies who are travelling from Darwin to Brisbane for this ahhmazing 2 day Live Conference. Guest speakers include;

  • Gala Darling
  • Leon Nacson (managing director of Hay House)
  • Tara Bliss
  • Sarah Wilder
  • Dr Ezzie Spencer
  • Amanda Rootsey
  • Shunanda Scott
  • Carren Smith
  • Angela Simpson
  • Julie Parker
  • Rachel Macdonald
  • Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • Luke Hines
  • Sora Surya No
  • Michael Maidens
  • Kate Byrne
  • Amanda Daley

PLUS still more to be announced!


You can begin the amazing Soulpreneur Course and be lifted and supported higher when you attend with your FREE ticket to the LIVE Conference in February!!!

The time is now to live your true purpose.

I’d love to see you inside Soulpreneurs, come join us!

Contact me directly if you would like more information.

Yours Gratefully,

Renée xx

Your Natural Hairstylist

*Important Information

You will only be eligible to receive these special bonuses if you sign up to the Soulpreneurs Course through my affiliate link, add my name RENEE LALOR as your REFERRER and are current on all payments. 

I am incredibly proud to be an affiliate ambassador for Soulpreneurs and I may earn a referral fee through your sign up to Soulpreneurs. 

Photo Blog #1 – FREE SPIRITS

Photo Blog #1 – FREE SPIRITS

I have always loved taking photos and to be honest i believe i have quite a good eye for photography because of my hairdressing career.

In hairdressing, to achieve a perfect hair cut or style, or colour for that matter, you must learn the art of balance. There has to balance in a shape or colouring technique to give an aesthetic feel to any hairstyle, much the same as the composition of a photograph.

I purchased my first ever digital, entry level professional camera last month. I am absolutely loving it and feel i can express my creative self in yet another avenue.

I will be honest, there is a part of me that is a little unsure about sharing these photos in a blog. I have worked out that this feeling is coming up because i think i’m not skilled enough, not experienced enough, or not ‘photographer’ like enough to be sharing these images as a photo blog. This feeling is probably because i have never had any training in photography. But looking over my long hairdressing career, i have been balancing hair for years and years, plus taking photos of my hair work to share on social media.

So here it is….my first Photo Blog instalment – FREE SPIRITS.

I blocked out Thursday afternoon in my Hair by Renee appointment book so i could spend the afternoon with my daughters Kamali and Thais. I grabbed my pro camera on the way out the door hoping to catch a beautiful sunset while down at Casuarina Beach. There was no sunset as it was overcast, but my daughters were in the mood to do some posing.

This is our afternoon walk along the beach soaking up all the stunning colours, textures and contrasts nature has to offer.


Storm cloud over the Arafura Sea.


Fun at the waters edge.


Thais and her mane of golden locs.



Roots on rocks. 




Warrior Princesses







Yours Gratefully,

The Organic Hairstylist xx

Feedback is most welcome…



Wash your what?


Wash your hair! Have you ever really thought how silly this sounds?

Now think about it. When mothers are teaching their children how to clean themselves they say;

“wash your body.”

They do not say,

“wash the hair on your body.”

Or another one,

“wash your face.”


“wash the fine hair on your face.”

So when we are instructing someone to wash their scalp, why do we say;

“wash your hair!”

Or is it that we don’t actually know what it is that we SHOULD be washing!

We should be washing our scalp.

Our scalp produces sebum which is essential in maintaining a healthy scalp, and healthy growing hair. Dirt and dust get caught in this sebum and this is why we wash our scalp as this is what we are removing . Plus, some people can produce more sebum than others, and this is where i hear people complain about having oily hair or an oily scalp.

Oily scalps can actually be brought on by the person. They may have a very unhealthy diet and eat a lot of fats and oils, which of course would contribute to their oily scalp problem.

What also contributes and what i believe is more common, is over washing of the scalp. I hear a number of people say they need to wash their ‘hair’ either every day or every second day because their hair/scalp gets oily. Our sebaceous glands, which are small glands in the skin which secrete sebum into the hair follicles to lubricate the skin and hair, can overreact if the scalp is constantly stripped of its natural oil. You see, the more you wash your scalp the more sebum will be produced. This cycle can be slowed down, but it is a matter of weening yourself off washing, and having to go through a few oily feeling days. If you can hold off washing your scalp a day later each week, your sebaceous glands will slow down on producing sebum, so eventually you will be able to go longer without washing and looking like an oil slick. And remember, your hair will be washed when the shampoo is rinsed off your scalp and moves through the length of your hair.

There are many more advantages to not washing your ‘hair’ so often. Let me share some with you;

Your Investment

Yes, your investment of that beautiful glossy colour, latest ‘on trend’ colour, or your constant ‘youthful, covering natural highlights’ colour you spend your hard earned money on every couple of months. The more you wash, the faster that colour runs down the drain, looses its tone or intensity, or just doesn’t seem to be lasting. I know its believed that hairdressers have a magical wand, but that magical wand has to stay with us so we can continue to perform magic, it doesn’t come home with you! So if you are wanting your colour to last and still look stunning till your next appointment, lay off the washing!

The Health of your Hair

This one should be quite obvious. If you are washing your hair every day or every second day, you are not only continually stripping the natural sebum from your scalp, but also not allowing the sebum to do what it is produced to do, which is…lubricate the hair follicles to grow and maintain healthy hair. You will probably notice your hair looking and feeling dry and also frizzy. Now, if your hair is dry, which in technical terms means that your cuticle layer is open, the investment of your colour at each hair appointment will not be able to last as long as someone who has healthy hair, or in technical terms, a cuticle layer that is closed…which goes back to my first point!

You should avoid scrubbing or knotting up your hair when you shampoo.
You should avoid scrubbing or knotting up your hair when you shampoo.

The Health of your Scalp

Your scalp loves a good bit of stimulation! When stimulated it gets the blood flow going which is great for growing healthy hair. When you shampoo, you should be using your fingertips in a circular type massage motion on your scalp. You should avoid scrubbing and knotting your hair up as it then becomes so hard to get the knots out that you’ve caused. Your conditioner is supposed to be used to close down the cuticle layer that the shampoo has opened, not miraculously detangle knots that you have put in. Also, a great tip is to give your hair a good brush before you hop in the shower to rid your hair of any knots. Just think of how much conditioner you will save on if you are not knotting your hair up?

With your fingertips you should be moving in a circular, massage type motion to wash your scalp.
With your fingertips you should be moving in a circular, massage type motion to wash your scalp.

Cost of Products

I honestly can’t imagine how much money you would spend on shampoo and conditioner if you wash your hair everyday or every second day. But this is for sure, you would be making the companies of those products a lot of money because lets face it, they want you to use as much of their products as often as you can so you will buy more of it more often. You didn’t think about it like that did you….or should i remind you of a phrase we all know “it won’t happen overnight but it will happen!” I think thats enough on that point, you understand right?

So, I’ve mentioned four main points to prove why you shouldn’t be shampooing too often. But then, i suppose you’re wondering,

“What about when i exercise and sweat?”


“How do i manage my hair without wetting it?”

Well, for the people that exercise, there are great dry shampoos on the market or you can even google how to make your own natural dry shampoo. Of course i always stick to organic, natural ingredients, so i recommend Organic Colour Systems Revive Volumising Dry Shampoo. It is formulated with a unique blend of organic rice silk, hectorite clay and natural tapioca starch that gently absorbs oil and moisture to enhance the manageability and volume of your hair.


And for the people that feel they can’t manage their hair unless they wet it each day, try not using shampoo and only use conditioner on your mid lengths and ends when you wet your hair in the shower. Or, for the curly haired people, how about getting a spray bottle. You can even add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in there, and spray down your hair each morning and work your curls that way. You also should be oiling your hair if your hair is very curly, so spraying down first then reapplying oil will help you comb through your hair with your afro comb.

Knowing what is in your Shampoo and Conditioner

Hmmmm…..yes! What is actually in your shampoo and conditioner and what exactly is it doing to your hair and scalp. I would encourage you to start reading the ingredients on the back of your bottles or search the net for the ingredients of your products. If it is difficult to find maybe you should be asking why, and what may the manufacturers be hiding. The first few ingredients of the list are the main ingredients in the bottle, and a great rule of thumb – the less ingredients in a product the better! If you don’t know what certain ingredients are, then search their name and you may just be shocked at what it is or what it is derived from or how it is produced. Just because a product uses words on its packaging like ‘Healthy’, ‘Natural’, or ‘Organic’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that! Check for accredited and certified endorsements such as ‘Certified Organic Ingredients’, ‘Peta Accredited’, ‘Vegan’, ‘100% eco friendly’ and so on. Look behind the products to the companies that make them, some claim to be cruelty free products but looking into the company, the company may test on animals! I don’t want to scare you or overwhelm you, but if we educate ourselves on all these factors you will then be in control of choosing products that are aren’t causing you harm, and it will also send a strong message to the companies that continue to use ingredients which are unhealthy for us.



To recap, i have covered why you shouldn’t shampoo too often, plus i have given you a couple of options to alleviate the need to shampoo too often, and i have given you some tips on how to look for the best products… lets tackle what this blog is about…..

“Washing your hair?”

I DARE you all to start saying,

“Washing your scalp!”

Coz lets face it, we ALL should be washing our SCALP!


*Organic Colour Systems Revive Volumising Dry Shampoo is available in any Hairdressing Salons that use Organic Colour Systems. To find stockists in Australia check or the rest of the world check

Organic Colour Systems haircare will be available when I launch my online shop….coming soon!

SWEAT – lethal or luscious?

SWEAT – lethal or luscious?

Within the tropics region, each day is either hot or hotter!

We continue day in, day out to sweat it out! So what affect does sweat have on our hair?



Sweat causes hair loss;

I have read how sweat causes hair loss, which i might add has never been clinically proven. If this were true, shouldn’t all people that live in the tropics have issues with hair loss?

Sweat causes hair to become brittle;

I have also read that you must wash your hair when you have been sweating as the lactic acid in sweat causes the hair to become brittle. But living in the tropics we sweat a lot, which means we should be washing our hair on a daily basis, which would make our hair incredibly dry and…….. brittle!

I can’t help thinking that the marketing machine is very much alive and well. Of course hair product companies are going to advise you to wash your hair often, whether its because of sweat causing hair loss or sweat causing your hair to become brittle, as ‘they’ want you to be using up as much shampoo as possible so you will need to purchase more!

I have my own thoughts on sweat and how it affects our hair. Lets look at some good points to sweating.

Sweating is a great way to maintain clean, healthy skin;

Our scalp is of course part of our skin. Our skin is covered with tiny pores that gather dirt and toxins. In order to get both of them out of your system, you need to sweat! Did you know that sweat is made up of about 95% water? Your hair will not smell simply because you have been sweating. If your hair is not able to dry properly after sweating, then you may experience your hair smelling. Also, your skin is your largest organ, so you need to sweat in order to keep it active. If your scalp is sweating, your bloodflow is active, your hair will grow!

I personally notice my clients’ hair grows faster when we are in our hottest season, which is the ‘build up’.

Sweat is a great hair product;

Yep, you heard it right! if sweat is dried into the hair, whether it be naturally dried or blow-dried, it will create great body in your hair. Your hair will not be as slippery, so it will be similar to applying dry shampoo. Also, it will hold the hair in place much easier if you are braiding or putting your hair up. We sweat in the tropics, why not use it to your advantage!

Sweat forces you to become creative;

Now you may think I’m loosing the plot here, but lets look at it this way. Shampooing and conditioning too often is not healthy for your scalp or your hair. Why, you ask? I will cover the ‘why’ in another blog post, so make sure you are following my blog.

So, we sweat everyday as we live in the tropics, but we know that we can’t be washing our hair too often and this forces us to be creative,…….how? Well, on the day you do have freshly washed hair, you can wear your hair out, then as the days go on and your hair has a build up of sweat, you can be wearing it up or braiding it or be wearing some great hair accessories. You just need to be searching up some great boho inspired hairstyles to get your juices (or sweat) flowing!

Come on, get creative!!!

Which style will you attempt?

I would love to see your sweaty styles, so you can hashtag #organichaircrush on Instagram and get featured by me @theorganichairstylist xx







Today, I was quite saddened to see one of my regular clients who had suffered excessive hair loss in a matter of 3 months.

Annie had travelled interstate in early August for a wedding when the hair loss was at its worst. She went into the nearest hairdresser to her hotel and had her hair cut quite short as she hardly had much thickness left but long whispy strands of length.

Her hair had been cascading waves down below her shoulders before this. I had been colouring her greys with an organic colour for a year now, so her hair had been in beautiful condition. The last I saw her was early July.

On her visit this morning I could not get over the change, or what she called ‘her worst hair journey ever!’ I sat and spoke with her for about 45mins, just trying to get a grasp on her sudden hair loss. Annie recently had her thyroid checked, that was all fine, but when talking with her she kept dropping into sentances the word ‘stressed’. And when mentioning that word she would act out with her hands the motion of running her hands through her hair. I worked out that the acting out of running her hands through her hair, and explaining to me of how much hair was falling out into her hands, was making her stressed!

So what could be the trigger that has caused this sudden hair loss?

Annie’s scalp was incredibly dry with small patches of irritated, crusty skin, and was tight and itchy. It looked to me that there was no sebum being produced at all.

The hairdresser Annie had been to see had sent her home with a shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair. Yes, Annie’s hair was thinning, but the ingredient list on the shampoo bottle had me gasping!

There could be a multitude of reasons why a persons hair would be thinning, from stress, to hormones, to hereditary, to alopecia etc…..but I would not be treating everyone that has thinning hair with the same shampoo that is laden with such nasties!

Sodium Laureth Sulfate & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLES & SLS)

  • Harmful skin irritant
  • Findings link SLS to hormone imbalances
  • While they are generally considered safe to use at a level of 1%, over time the amount absorbed by the bloodstream can mean residual levels in your body are much higher.


  • Draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin and holds it on the surface, drying the skin from the inside out.

Glycol Distearate & Diamethicone

  • Are used as thickeners and also give the illusion of ‘body building’ in hair.
  • Not to be used on skin that is irritated or inflamed.

These are the few main ingredients of the shampoo and obviously should not be used by Annie with her scalp in the condition it is in.

Annie and I put together an action plan.

  1. I was not colouring Annie’s hair. Although I use organic colours, I am not going to be mucking around or causing Annie any more discomfort with her scalp.
  2. Second action was to stop using the shampoo and conditioner that had been recommended and try not to shampoo much at all.
  3. To book in with a Naturopath that I recommended who I know specialisises in female hormones.
  4. To start nourishing her scalp by massaging a very small amount of organic virgin coconut oil to help with the tightness, itchiness and dry flakes.
  5. I recommended a shampoo from Organic Colour Systems called Soothe Plus to be used when she needs to wash her scalp. Soothe Plus Shampoo is designed to calm, cleanse and rebalance irritated and sensitive scalps. It contains certified organic ingredients of almond seed oil, aloe Vera, chamomile, comfrey, jojoba seed oil, sunflower oil plus vitamin B & E.
  6. Annie has also begun drinking Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and we spoke about using it also as a final rinse over her scalp and hair to really help balance the ph level.

Annie has confirmed that she has an appointment with the naturopath on Friday. I will be touching base with her over the coming weeks and hopefully with some questions answered, I will write a part 2 to this blog……..

To be continued………

Disclaimer ~ the information provided is based on one persons condition and may vary from person to person. The remedies provided are based on the case study stated (Annie) and are not a general guide for thinning hair. 

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Who is the Organic Hairstylist?

Who is the Organic Hairstylist?


With gratitude i welcome you to my blog.

I am the Organic Hairstylist.

I haven’t always been the Organic Hairstylist. My journey changed path about 3 years ago and it has been a whirlwind of a ride since then. I would like to share it with you, and hope you would like to hear my story and join me on my journey ahead.

I love hair! I have always loved hair.

But little things began niggling at my gut. My intuition was becoming harder to ignore and before too long, thankfully, i gave in. This is my story till now.

It all began at age sixteen, i left school and began work at a small suburban salon. I moved not long after  to a larger salon in a shopping centre, as i wanted to be exposed to more. I had many senior stylists who inspired me and i  began to learn the art of hairdressing. Through my apprenticeship and TAFE study i always won many awards, and was then named in the Young Artist Team as a platform artist. This was so exciting for me and i began to live and breathe hairdressing.

Out of my apprenticeship and becoming a fully fledged hairdresser, i slowly built a clientele, moving to a couple of different salons with my loyal clientele following me. One salon head hunted me, it was thrilling and great for my confidence, and i was able to name my price. I was there for only three months. I was bored!

I was out partying with girlfriends one night and on our return in the early hours of the morning we got talking of my career. Next thing i knew i was faxing my resume to the internationally renowned Toni & Guy, and later that day, terribly hungover, i received a call from the manager of Toni & Guy arranging a face to face interview. I remember being so overwhelmed on my trip to the interview, and the butterflies in my stomach were going absolutely crazy! I finally built up the courage to walk into my interview, concentrating on my breathing and in my head telling myself “you can do this!”

Yes, i got the job. I then undertook the six weeks training which is basically to tear down everything you have been taught and build you back up with the way they want you to do it. It was hard. I got through it with flying colours and was then let on the floor with a new mindset and ready to build up a new clientele.

Working at Toni & Guy was a fantastic part of my career. I then moved up the ranks within the company and began learning about management and training staff. There was always something exciting happening there, and i was always putting my hand up to assist at fashion shows, photoshoots or whatever! Hair Expo was an annual event and i was back up as a platform artist with my ‘Madonna Microphone’ once again. I was living the dream!

Personal circumstances then saw me moving states to where there was no Toni & Guy, so i decided to go it alone, and i opened Zen Hairdressing.  I loved having my own salon, and i was used to putting long hours in, but this time it was for myself. But as i got more into running the business, i was more and more off the floor. I was missing just doing hair. Instead i had my head stuck in overwhelming piles of bookwork, this isn’t what i expected it to be like!

After six years in business a surprise came into my life, i was pregnant! And when my first born K arrived, she changed all my priorities. I closed my business and began focussing on the new life i had created. My partner H was constantly working and i looked after the home life, and after not long at all, i needed something more. We decided to build a self contained studio on our home premises, so i could keep my hands in hair but also be at home with my daughter. This worked so well with me working a few hours a week. I had many loyal clients knocking on my door when i had closed my business, so a ready made clientele and a new studio enabled me to continue to be creative and also have some much needed adult conversation.

After 18 months a surprise came knocking and i was pregnant again with my second born T! I just carried on as i had done before, and organised appointments around naps and breastfeeding. My clients were wonderfully understanding, and i was building up such a beautiful, positive and nurturing space. I was enjoying motherhood AND enjoying my business!

Once my daughters grew older and begun school, i then moved into full time hours. Just like before, i was used to putting in the hard work and once again, for myself, but this time the relationship with my clients was different. It was just the person in my chair and me, one on one, with no one else. Before long my appointment book was full and i had a loyal clientele of people who i cared for and i had become part of their lives.

I felt this is what i had been searching for!

Two years later in a full-time business as an owner operator, this is where my gut instinct really began kicking in. You see, I had this beautiful studio space that i had created, where everyday i was enjoying styling hair and caring for each person that sat in my chair. My surroundings were perfect, well almost!

The nurturing mother in me began to challenge the mainstream hairdresser in me! I had an invested interest in every person that sat in my chair. They weren’t just clients, they were friends. And if i care for these people, why would i be putting their health at risk!

This was a real battle for me. By this stage, in my 22nd year of hairdressing, this type of dialogue i was having in my head, i had never heard before. As hairdressers, we always spoke of achieving healthy looking or healthy feeling hair, but never the health of our clients or ourselves for that matter had come into the equation. I began researching ingredients and changing to low toxic products in my home.

“Surely there has to be a non chemical colour on the market” i kept saying over and over in my head.

I spent eight months researching all different hairdressing product companies around the world. Many would say they were ‘ammonia free’ but had replaced the ammonia with some other nasty. Others won court orders to silence some of their ingredients so they could call themselves ‘organic’. I realised this was going to be a lot harder than i thought.

I picked four of the top companies i felt were the better of a bad bunch, and one other that really stood out! I requested information from all five companies on their colour range. The four ‘better of a bad bunch’ all sent me so much advertising material, even stuff i hadn’t requested. It all looked really tacky and made them look desperate for my business. The one company i had my eye on from the start, sent a beautifully presented portfolio stating information on their colours, the ethics behind their company plus the type of salons they would fit into and information on their national trainers.

They presented themselves as beautifully understated and unashamedly honest! Not only did their ingredients stack up but their mindset resonated with me…….i knew immediately i had found my tribe!

I began the hard transformation of shifting my mainstream mindset and opening my mind to the new ways of approaching hair. I replaced all my brand name chemical products and became the first organic concept salon in my region.  This is my journey of growing organically.

Thankyou for reading my story and i hope this now gives you a little insight into who i am and the journey i am now on.

Now, it is about you joining me!

I will be sharing with you my new found experiences with my first love……HAIR! I may bust some myths or even surprise you with things you have been made to believe are true, but i promise to always remain honest. I am not endorsed by a product company nor am i here to sell products, i am here to just share my knowledge and love of hair.

Yours Gratefully,

The Organic Hairstylist xx