SWEAT – lethal or luscious?

Within the tropics region, each day is either hot or hotter!

We continue day in, day out to sweat it out! So what affect does sweat have on our hair?



Sweat causes hair loss;

I have read how sweat causes hair loss, which i might add has never been clinically proven. If this were true, shouldn’t all people that live in the tropics have issues with hair loss?

Sweat causes hair to become brittle;

I have also read that you must wash your hair when you have been sweating as the lactic acid in sweat causes the hair to become brittle. But living in the tropics we sweat a lot, which means we should be washing our hair on a daily basis, which would make our hair incredibly dry and…….. brittle!

I can’t help thinking that the marketing machine is very much alive and well. Of course hair product companies are going to advise you to wash your hair often, whether its because of sweat causing hair loss or sweat causing your hair to become brittle, as ‘they’ want you to be using up as much shampoo as possible so you will need to purchase more!

I have my own thoughts on sweat and how it affects our hair. Lets look at some good points to sweating.

Sweating is a great way to maintain clean, healthy skin;

Our scalp is of course part of our skin. Our skin is covered with tiny pores that gather dirt and toxins. In order to get both of them out of your system, you need to sweat! Did you know that sweat is made up of about 95% water? Your hair will not smell simply because you have been sweating. If your hair is not able to dry properly after sweating, then you may experience your hair smelling. Also, your skin is your largest organ, so you need to sweat in order to keep it active. If your scalp is sweating, your bloodflow is active, your hair will grow!

I personally notice my clients’ hair grows faster when we are in our hottest season, which is the ‘build up’.

Sweat is a great hair product;

Yep, you heard it right! if sweat is dried into the hair, whether it be naturally dried or blow-dried, it will create great body in your hair. Your hair will not be as slippery, so it will be similar to applying dry shampoo. Also, it will hold the hair in place much easier if you are braiding or putting your hair up. We sweat in the tropics, why not use it to your advantage!

Sweat forces you to become creative;

Now you may think I’m loosing the plot here, but lets look at it this way. Shampooing and conditioning too often is not healthy for your scalp or your hair. Why, you ask? I will cover the ‘why’ in another blog post, so make sure you are following my blog.

So, we sweat everyday as we live in the tropics, but we know that we can’t be washing our hair too often and this forces us to be creative,…….how? Well, on the day you do have freshly washed hair, you can wear your hair out, then as the days go on and your hair has a build up of sweat, you can be wearing it up or braiding it or be wearing some great hair accessories. You just need to be searching up some great boho inspired hairstyles to get your juices (or sweat) flowing!

Come on, get creative!!!

Which style will you attempt?

I would love to see your sweaty styles, so you can hashtag #organichaircrush on Instagram and get featured by me @theorganichairstylist xx





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