Photo Blog #1 – FREE SPIRITS

I have always loved taking photos and to be honest i believe i have quite a good eye for photography because of my hairdressing career.

In hairdressing, to achieve a perfect hair cut or style, or colour for that matter, you must learn the art of balance. There has to balance in a shape or colouring technique to give an aesthetic feel to any hairstyle, much the same as the composition of a photograph.

I purchased my first ever digital, entry level professional camera last month. I am absolutely loving it and feel i can express my creative self in yet another avenue.

I will be honest, there is a part of me that is a little unsure about sharing these photos in a blog. I have worked out that this feeling is coming up because i think i’m not skilled enough, not experienced enough, or not ‘photographer’ like enough to be sharing these images as a photo blog. This feeling is probably because i have never had any training in photography. But looking over my long hairdressing career, i have been balancing hair for years and years, plus taking photos of my hair work to share on social media.

So here it is….my first Photo Blog instalment – FREE SPIRITS.

I blocked out Thursday afternoon in my Hair by Renee appointment book so i could spend the afternoon with my daughters Kamali and Thais. I grabbed my pro camera on the way out the door hoping to catch a beautiful sunset while down at Casuarina Beach. There was no sunset as it was overcast, but my daughters were in the mood to do some posing.

This is our afternoon walk along the beach soaking up all the stunning colours, textures and contrasts nature has to offer.


Storm cloud over the Arafura Sea.


Fun at the waters edge.


Thais and her mane of golden locs.



Roots on rocks. 




Warrior Princesses







Yours Gratefully,

The Organic Hairstylist xx

Feedback is most welcome…

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